Monday, December 30, 2019

It's time for Texans to have a conversation about Jerry's Taxpayer Subsidies

"Dishonest scales are an abomination to the Lord,
But a just weight is His delight."
Proverbs 11:1

Soooo...the Cowboys just wasted another season.

We don't really care.  We're not a fan.  Mostly because of Jerry.

But we've been thinking about something for two years, and it's time to say it out loud: Nobody gets more taxpayer subsidies than Jerry Jones...and look at the results it produces.

We first had this thought in 2017.  That fall, for those for those blessed enough to have forgotten, the Texas house held a preposterous sideshow allegedly to promote economic competitiveness.  Those hearings were the genesis of this thought.

At the first hearing, Frisco mayor Jeff Cheney claimed specious "economic development" benefits from hosting the Cowboys practice facility.  We addressed those claims here.  But Cheney's testimony that day planted a thought we haven't been able to shake.

Isn't one of the arguments against "economic development" subsides that they reward mediocrity?!?

Cuz' the Dallas Cowboys are pretty mediocre.

And they've been mediocre for two decades.

But Jerry don't care.  Because Jerry don't have to care.  Because your tax dollars ensure Jerry gets paid, no matter how many games the Cowboys lose.

Off the top of our head, Jerry gets or has gotten:
Yet the Cowboys haven't seen a Super Bowl in a quarter century.

Cuz Jerry don't need to win Super Bowls to do just fine.

Thanks to your tax dollars.

Bottom Line: If Jerry Jones wants to be a drunk womanizer, he can do so on his own dime, but the state of Texas should stop paying the Dallas Cowboys to lose football games.

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