Friday, December 13, 2019

#TXLEGE: Dana Loesch Killed Lt. Dan's Flirtation with Gun Control (for now)

"Every one of the builders had his sword girded at his side as he built. And the one who sounded the trumpet was beside me."
Nehemiah 4:18

Our post the other day about Lt. Dan got us thinking: He hasn't run his mouth about guns in awhile.

So we decided to check out his campaign website and Twitter feed.

Here's what we found: Lt. Dan's last reference to anything remotely related to the Second Amendment came on September 24th.

Where, pray tell, was Lt. Dan on September 25th?!?

Not a peep on the subject since.

Bottom Line: The whims of the national news cycle remain no way to govern an allegedly "conservative" state. Even if it worked this one time. Thanks Dana.

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