Tuesday, March 10, 2020

#TXLEGE: Matt Krause should run for Speaker

"When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice;
But when a wicked man rules, the people groan."
Proverbs 29:2

We've been nursing a thought for awhile.  We had been planning to wait until after the runoffs to make it public.  But with Dennis Bonnen trying to rewrite history, now is as good a time as any.

Matt Krause is the best choice to run for speaker out of the entire Republican caucus.

There are a number of reasons why.  We don't pretend this list is comprehensive.  However, a few:

  • Trustworthy -- Next session, the biggest challenge for whomever is speaker will be regaining the trust of the members.  That's Krause's best attribute.  Easily.

    Whatever else you want to say about Matt Krause, he's the same guy in private that he is in public.  Once Matt Krause tells you something, he sticks with it.  On those rare occasions when Matt Krause changes his mind, he'll explain why.

    One thing Matt Krause will not do is tell you what you want to hear to your face, then stab you in the back.

    Imagine, for example, you're someone like a James Talarico.  Bonnen pretended to mentor him.  Then it turned out Bonnen was lying the whole time.  If you're James Talarico (or someone similar), even if you're not aligned with his personal politics, the case for someone whose private actions are consistent with their public words is pretty obvious.
  • Everybody likes him -- Maybe it shouldn't be that way, but the fact remains that it is.  The members elect the speaker.  Like it or lump it.

    We've never met a member, in any faction or either party, who has anything but kind words for Matt Krause personally.  They might disagree with him on issues.  But members tend to hold him in universal esteem.

    Yes, it's dumb.  No, it shouldn't matter.  But that's just reality.
  • Reasonably Conservative -- Obviously, his record took a hit this past session.  But the overall body of work remains solid.  Krause is certainly the most conservative member who checks the two other boxes listed above.
  • Experience -- Next session will be Matt Krause's fifth, which is more than enough to know what you're doing.
That's not to say that we're always enamored of him.  Obviously, it's not a secret that this website spent most of last year ripping on Krause's primary legislative accomplishment.  We don't necessarily think Krause makes the best decisions.  Operating within reality, however, that's probably an acceptable tradeoff.

Bottom Line: Can you name anyone else who does a better job checking those four boxes?!?

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