Thursday, March 26, 2020

John Zerwas...what could POSSIBLY go wrong?!?

"Therefore by their fruits you will know them."
Matthew 7:20

Apparently, this is a buncha days old, although we only learned about it last night:

We can't think of a worse choice.

The biggest problem with Zerwas is that he's a card-carrying member of the Medical cartel.  He's an insider's insider.  You can learn more about his misdeeds here and here (scroll down to District 28).  To be fair, a lot of those misdeeds aren't directly relevant to the current situation...but it ain't reassuring.

What's really alarming about Zerwas, however, is that he's a gigantic proponent of the so-called Texas "Advance Directives Act" (aka. the Texas Death Panels act).  That's the law that allows hospital bureaucrats to cut off care whenever they claim it's "medically futile."  Obviously, that's a...vague standard at best.

In the (unlikely) event that, God forbid, Texas is looking at a worst case scenario, we can't think of anyone with less credibility that John Zerwas to approach this discussion.

Bottom Line:  Awful selection.

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