Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Financial Terrorism, the 2008 Crash, and the Coming Chaos‏

I finished Kevin Freeman's Secret Weapon a couple weeks ago.  I highly recommend it if you're interested in knowing what really happened in 2008 and how the same folks are setting us up for an even bigger attack later this year soon.  The short version: the 2008 crash was a coordinated financial attack on the United States by foreign enemies.

First things first, everything we know about the 2008 crash is still true; it's just that the collapse of the housing bubble didn't cause the crash, the bubble bursting merely left us vulnerable to an attack from foreigners.  Essentially, our government forced our banks to make loans to people who couldn't pay them back, then dumped those loans into Fannie and Freddie, which then left all sorts of folks over leveraged when the you know what hit the fan.  That's when the foreign involvement comes in.

The Cliff's notes version follows: using Naked Short Selling (short selling without ever borrowing, let alone Owning, the underlying asset), Credit Default Swaps, and the Wall Street herd mentality/group think foreign entities launched bear raids (spreading rumors to undermine confidence in a company) to attack first Bear Stearns, then Fannie and Freddie, then Lehman in order to collapse the U.S. Stock Market and Economy.

To put it mildly, they succeeded.

This leaves some obvious questions, the first one being 'who is they?'  The short version is that we don't know, these financial transactions occur behind a veil of secrecy that us rubes in flyover country aren't supposed to penetrate.  The longer, and probably more accurate, version is that strong circumstantial evidence suggests it was a combination of the ChiComs and various Muzzie groups in the Middle East and Gulf.  It seems safe to guess that the usual suspects between the various Leftist (incl. Putin, the ChiComs, and Soros), Islamist, and Drug Cartel groups worked together in some form.

Next, have we addressed our vulnerabilities since 2008?!?  Good Grief no, we've only made them worse.  Part of the purpose of the 2008 attack was to get the U.S. govt. and Fed to spend massive amounts of money to bail out the various institutions attacked and their various counter parties in order to ruin the balance sheet of the Federal Government and soften the U.S. up for the next attack (which is probably coming this summer).  Think about how much weaker of a position our national balance sheet is in as a result of Obama's spending.  Making matters worse, despite public claims to the contrary, the government has taken ZERO steps to actually fix our underlying vulnerabilities to economic terrorism while it has simultaneously jacked up regulations in just about every other area of the economy.  These jacked up regulations (which, it cannot be emphasized enough, do ZERO to address the underlying causes of the 2008 crash) meanwhile stifle the economic growth that would make another economic terrorist attack at least manageable.

So, what is the next attack?!?  Hard to know for sure in advance, but once Greece inevitably defaults, it will set off a chain reaction of Global Chaos that will provide the perfect backdrop for an invisible attack on the dollar.  The long term objective is to collapse the dollar and replace it as the global reserve currency.

I'll answer questions to the best of my ability, but you're better off just reading the book; you can get through it in about six hours if you're diligent.

I hope this helps.

Update (4/1/2013): Ok, so the crash didn't happen last year; but it's more inevitable than ever.

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