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GBTV: Mr. President

GBTV: Mr. President

Mission StatmentThe misadventures of Little Barry; the Seven Year Old Marxist Revolutionary who accidentally became President

Episode List:
Episode 1: Little Barry vs. The Economy (Part A)
Episode 2: Little Barry vs. The Economy (Part B)
Episode 3: Little Barry on Health Care
Episode 4: Little Barry and America’s Enemies (Part A)
Episode 5: Little Barry and America’s Enemies (Part B)
Episode 6: Little Barry on The Border
Episode 7: Little Barry’s Final Solution to the Zionist Problem

Little Barry – A Seven Year Old Boy deeply steeped, since birth, in the ideas and writings of Karl Marx.  Seeks to “fundamentally transform” America along the line of his Marxist vision.  Because he’s been given a trophy his entire life possesses an immature narcissism that leaves him unable to handle the inevitable pushback to his radical ideas.

Crazy Old Joe – Little Barry’s Vice President; an old man no one takes seriously, encourages Little Barry’s Marxist Revolutionary instincts along with his immature narcissism.

Nancy Pee – Little Barry’s best friend in Congress; hates Republicans so much she soils herself.

Mrs. Silly Hilly – Little Barry’s Secretary of State; executes his foreign policy while saying some VERY silly things.

Van Jones, Bill Ayres, et. Al – Little Barry’s Radical Pals who give him the advice to which he actually listens

Spooky Dude – Little Barry’s Money Guy; Pays for everything.

Valerie VaJayJay – Little Barry’s Best Friend; acts as his go between with the Radicals

Princess Michelle – Little Barry’s Special Lady; even more spoiled and narcissistic.

Tiny Timmy Treasury and Benny Bubbles – Little Barry’s public economic advisors; come up with the Juvenile Justifications for everything the radicals propose.

Momma Grizz -- Explains how things actually work to Little Barry at the end of each episode.


MR. President – Episode 1 – Little Barry vs. The Economy
Episode #1:  Establish the juvenile nature his face value justifications; show how it’s cover for deeper Radicalism.  Focus on Slushulus, Auto Takover, and Dodd-Frank with honorable mention to energy and housing.
Prologue: Little Barry’s Immaculation
Scene 1: Lay out Little Barry’s Economic Strategy
-          Juvenile Face Value combined with cover for Deep Radicalism
-          Laying the foundation for Napoleon Hill’s fear of poverty.
-          Meeting with Tiny Timmy Treasury and  Benny Bubbles, but really run by the Radicals
Scene 2: Speech to Congress/The Early Promotion
-          Remind people how simultaneously apocalyptic AND juvenile he sounded in the early days
Scene 3: Slushulus Passes/The Early Implementation/Details on Auto Takeover
-          Mock the ever-loving daylights out of Cash-for-Clunkers (George Will Quote)
o   It’s about control, not prosperity
-          Illustrate the direct Union Payouts in the Slushulus
-          Chrysler’s bondholders and Republican dealership owners sacrificed on UAW’s alter
Scene 4: Public Begins to Catch On
-          The first big round of Tea Parties (4/15/09)
-          Santelli
-          Illustrate uncertainty created by Auto Takeover

-     Bringing Toyota to it's knees
Scene 5: Reacting to the Public’s Reaction/Dodd-Frank Details
-          Illustrate Arrogant Derision
-          Van Jones: Stay the course; no matter how much they hate you, once they’re on Food Stamps, you own their Soul
-          Dodd-Frank written for Spooky Dude; address central shortcoming
Scene 6: Summer of “Recovery”
-          Verbalize why this all feels so instinctively wrong to decent Americans
-          Princess Michelle’s 2010 trip to Spain
-          Nancy Pee’s first “I hate Republicans” rant; no self-soiling (yet)....
-          Gulf drilling moratorium: Mock Little Barry coming into his own as a Radical
o   “I ruined the Energy Industry ALL BY MYSELF!!!”
o   Illustrate: Never let a crisis go to waste
-     Election 201O
Scene 7: Late 2010 Tax Deal

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