Friday, July 13, 2012

Adrian Murray: Obama's Health Insurance Protection Racket

Adrian Murray, 9/12 leader and author of Common Ground America, posted this commentary about the Federal Health Care Law.  Some highlights:
No One believes Obama wrote all 2700 pages and calling it Obamacare makes it about personality instead of principle
Surely no one seriously believes President Obama wrote the 2,700 page bill or, for that matter, even knows what is in it.  Yet the act is commonly labeled President Obama’s signature piece of legislation, the crowning achievement of his first term....One could make a lot of arguments, but calling the Affordable Care Act “Obamacare” is a huge tactical error.  Why?  Because naming the law after Obama personalizes it and, as Romney learned from the NAACP audience, opposing Obamacare equals opposing Obama and the only reason anyone opposes Obama is, of course, because he is black.  To those inclined to think as such, opposing the complete government takeover of the healthcare system and changing the status of Americans from private citizens to property of the state is, quite simply, racist.
The law commonly known as 'Obamacare' is actually a backdoor bailout of the insurance companies:
The insurance lobby, tired of decades of failed attempts to influence Congress to create a national health care plan which would immunize them from the looming trillions of dollars in liabilities they faced as the boomer generation aged, simply decided they would infiltrate Congress instead and write the legislation themselves.  Time, after all, was running out....Despite Big Insurance’s success in pulling off one of the most intricate swindles in the history of mankind by transferring tens of trillions of dollars of liabilities from their balance sheets to that of the Treasury Department, all to be paid for by massive tax increases on the American people (or fees, if you’re still arguing about the Commerce Clause in the increasingly irrelevant Constitution), the whole transaction would certainly deserve a special place in the pantheon  of lawlessness were it not for the decidedly unhappy outcome it will have for the true victims of this crime – the American citizens, who are now merely the property of an insurance industry that has a vested interest in keeping them healthy while they are still useful.  Those 22 year-olds who are today gleeful that they can stay on Mommy and Daddy’s insurance for a few more years won’t be quite as cheerful in 2030 when they are called before a panel Liz Fowler will undoubtedly have had a role in creating to explain why their cholesterol level has increased or are informed that certain substances detected in their last blood test indicated they are surpassing the monthly limit on pepperoni pizzas.  After being sent home with a hefty fine and orders to adhere to a strict diet of carrot sticks and mineral water, along with the latest behavioral modification drug developed by the recent merger of Pfizer and Merck, they may well wish they had been paying attention back in 2012, when there was still a chance to put a stop to it all. 
Adrian closes with this plea:
 In the meanwhile, it would be nice if certain political figures would put a stop to feigning political courage by mockingly referring to this legislation as Obamacare.  Obama didn’t write it or read it and there is nothing caring about it.  Call it what it is:  The Health Insurance Industry Protection Act.
This is an excellent point.  Americans hate this law because it raises taxes to ration health care not because Barack Obama signed it into law.  Personalizing this against Barack Obama allows the media to portray us as motivated by sour grapes instead of the corrupt substance of this law.

Having accepted Adrian's general premise, however, I want to quibble with one point of emphasis.  I think Adrian underestimates Obama's personal involvement in seeing this thing through to completion.  Thus, I think it's appropriate to focus on the corrupt substance of this law while still tying it directly to Obama.

Thus, I propose a compromise.  Let's call this law OBAMA'S Health Insurance Protection Racket.  Perhaps Adrian Murray and I can strike a blow for Common Ground....


  1. Consider it done. Common Ground achieved. Obama's Health Insurance Protection Racket it is.


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