Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mediterranean Update Tuesday: Romney to Visit Israel

Today, Mitt Romney announced that he's visiting Israel later this month; from both a biblical and a geopolitical perspective, this is awesome!!!

While Barack Obama visited Israel as a candidate, he's yet to visit as President.  In the meantime, he's proposed Israel return to the Auschwitz Borders.  He's also leaked crucial Israeli defense secrets to forestall Israeli action on Iran.

Genesis 12:3 states: "And I [God] will bless them that bless thee [Israel], and curse them that curse thee."  That passage is key to understand why America MUST support Israel.  Israel has a powerful friend, so they'll be fine; I've read the last two chapters.  America needs to support Israel for OUR sake, not theirs.  Electing Mitt Romney and re-orienting our foreign policy back towards Israel is a crucial step towards getting Help with our current messes (capitalization deliberate!).

From a geopolitical perspective, it's also awesome.  Under Obama, America has abandoned our friends and sucked up to our enemies.  Beyond Israel, Obama has abandoned Poland and the Czech Republic, insulted Great Britain, he's even dissed Canada.  Unlike the bogus charges of insulting allies the left hurled at George W. Bush over Iraq, Obama actually has alienated our allies.  By visiting Israel first, and demonstrating a willingness to suffer the slings and arrows of Israel's enemies, Romney's taking a very positive step in the right election.

For many reasons, I don't trust Mitt Romney domestically, but this is another good sign about Mitt Romney as Commander-in-Chief.

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