Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Right Online: Independence Day Posts

The RightOnline e-mail group has been trading Independence Day posts this afternoon, these are ALL Awesome:

Sybil West -- Ramparts360
- Dear Government: I Declare My Independence

Warner Todd Huston -- Publius Forum
- 236 Independence Days and Counting: What does it all mean?!?

Rick Sincere -- Rick Sincere Thoughts (Author's Note: He also has video from RightOnline Speakers)
- Marking Independence Day with Ronald Reagan and John Quincy Adams
- Congressman disses my call for Investigating John Roberts for Impeachment (Author's Note: I'm not going away on this one, and I'm perfectly willing to see you in 2014/15)

Steve MacDonald -- GraniteGrok
- It's one thing to declare Independence, it's another to entirely have it
- Resolve to be Free From Tyranny

They're all awesome; I highly recommend all!

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