Saturday, July 14, 2012

An Open Letter to Fellow Tea Partiers

My Fellow Patriots,

The Supreme Court screwed us.  Barack Obama's health insurance protection racket remains the law of the land.  It is in that spirit in which I write.

The United States' House of Representatives has done what we needed and voted (again) to dismantle Obama's health insurance protection racket.  Once again, the action shifts to the United States' Senate.  Once again, Harry Reid is obstructing a vote.

Well, I say fuck that, and fuck Harry Reid.

There is a federal election in less than four months.  The American people DESERVE to know where our Congress stands after the Supreme Court ruling, and we deserve to know BEFORE we vote.  The House has done that, now the United States Senate must follow suit.  There are 23 United States Senate seats up this November whose current occupant voted for Obama's health insurance protection racket.  Have any of them changed their mind?!?

In August 2009, we made our opposition to Obama's health insurance protection racket clear; we need to do it again.  This time, we need to focus on individual United States Senators and DEMAND a clean repeal vote before the election.  When they hide from us, which they will, we need to show up at their home offices anyway.  With commitment and Divine Blessing, August 2012 can make August 2009 look like child's play.  If we do our job in August, we just might get a vote in September.

The substance of Obama's health insurance racket hasn't changed.  It's still the largest tax hike in human history.  It still rations health care.  It still forces America's churches into de facto fundraising arms of Planned Parenthood.  And the American people still LOATHE this law.

The path to victory is obvious; we just have to take it.  The next step is forcing the United States Senate to vote on full repeal before the election.  Sign the petition here.

Adam Cahn
Austin, TX
July 14, 2012

P.S. I don't care about personal credit.  I'm not the only one planning to reprise August 2009.  I do, however, ask to AGGRESSIVELY put out the petition on Facebook and Twitter

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