Monday, July 29, 2013

Matt Rinaldi Makes It Official

Matt Rinaldi officially jumped into the race for HD 115 today; from his campaign website:
Irving, TX-- Matt Rinaldi today announced his intention to seek the Republican nomination for Texas House District 115.  Already armed with strong grassroots support, Rinaldi provides conservative opposition to incumbent Rep. Bennett Ratliff, who is widely regarded as one of the most liberal Republican representatives in Austin. 
“Conservatives in northwest Dallas County have gotten a raw deal this session,” said Rinaldi. “Rep. Ratliff has aligned with Democrats as often as his fellow Republicans on the most important legislative votes this session and has compiled the most liberal voting record of any Republican freshman in Austin.  He voted to increase the size of government by 26% from the previous session and then voted to dip into our state’s savings so he could spend even more.  Ratliff’s efforts put Texas’s financial future at risk.  As a conservative running to represent the voters and not Austin lobbyists, I will be a principled voice for smaller government, secure borders, protecting the sanctity of life and preserving our Second Amendment rights. 
Rinaldi’s announcement comes less than a month after Ratliff spurned Governor Perry’s request to keep the State House redistricting maps the same as the previous maps and attempted to draw Rinaldi out of District 115 without a vote. The incident caused public outcry from Republican voters and Ratliff’s fellow legislators.  
(h/t Macias Strategies)
This is great.  Bennett Ratliff is a Straus crony who is part of a corrupt family that is in the pocket of big education.  While this is not (yet) an official endorsement, we wish Matt the best of luck in this primary.

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