Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Rockin' the Right Side's Moving Personal Tesimony

Rockin' on the Right Side delivers a moving personal testimony about 20 week abortion, money quote:
My twin sons, Jeffrey and Mathew, were born at 26 weeks.  Each weighed barely two pounds, and they fought for every breath.  Fraternal twins, they weren’t anything alike.  Mathew was smaller – fair and handsome, dark hair and fine features.  Jeffrey was bigger, stronger – red hair and stocky build.  Mathew held on for a week, but just didn’t have the strength to win the fight.  Jeff, on the other hand, showed a toughness – a will to survive – that could not be denied. 
Jeff is now 33.  Totally blind, but he is the center of our family and we – his mother, father, and sister – would not have a complete life without him.  He is our drummer, our anchor, and he keeps us honest and straight up every day. 
Abortion at twenty weeks is murder.  Period.  My son is proof positive.
Amen, read the whole piece here.

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