Thursday, September 26, 2013

OFFICIAL ENDORSEMENT: Our First Campaign Contribution of Election 2014

Earlier tonight, Cahnman's Musings attended a fundraiser for Katrina Pierson's U.S. House campaign.  We gave the candidate a (very) modest donation.  It was an easy call for a fantastic candidate.

Katrina spoke in more depth about her background than we'd previously heard. Born to a teenage mother who chose life, Katrina was also a teenage mother who chose life.  This makes sense, considering the last time we saw Katrina was at the Capitol during the abortion debate.

Having grown up in a family on welfare, Katrina was determined not to fall back into that trap when she had her own son at 19.  Katrina did things the hard way, but the right way.  It took her a decade to graduate college (working two jobs most of that time), but she made it without blood money from Washington D.C. or Austin.

Having survived the welfare system, Katrina is determined to promote economic opportunity.  Katrina understands that a strong education is the key to economic success, and that local control is the key to a strong education.  Thus, Katrina's #1 policy objective is to remove the Federal government from education.

Cahnman's Musings wishes we'd recorded Katrina's remarks; unfortunately, our phone was in our bag in the other room.

Katrina Pierson is one of those people (like Toby Marie Walker) we're not sure when we met.  We've been friends on Facebook for years, and we met face-to-face along the way.  We're honored to endorse her campaign and support it financially.

Katrina Pierson is currently running for the United States House in the 32nd district of Texas against the linguini spined Pete Sessions; you can support her campaign here.


Katrina's 2009 "No President Is Going to Change Your Life Circumstances" Speech

Update: Katrina mentioned that Rafael Cruz spoke after her that day.

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