Friday, September 20, 2013

San Antonio Recalls: 50% of signatures for Councilmember Diego Bernal gathered

Holy Mess (AND they made national news!); via the Washington Times:
Weston Martinez, the president of BCCC [Bexar County Conservative Coalition], says that they have more than 3,200 signatures to recall Councilman Bernal. In an email to The Washington Times, Melinda Uriegas, Assistant City Clerk in San Antonio, confirmed that 5,377 valid signatures are required to hold a recall vote for Bernal. Uriegas also stated that 61,045 signatures are necessary in order to trigger a recall vote for Castro, and Martinez believes the group is on there way toward that goal. “There were 150 signatures collected last Sunday in only 1 ½ hours,” says Martinez. “This is a steady progression — not a quick hit.”
Read the whole piece, which gives a fantastic synopsis how the recall effort formed, here.

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  1. US District Judge Xavier Rodriguez denied the City's motion to dismiss Free-Speech lawsuit 5:13-cv-00051 naming Mayor Castro, Diego Bernal, SAPD Chief McManus, city attorney Bernard and others for their participation in an ongoing criminal conspiracy to conceal massive fraud/theft impacting tens of millions of dollars.

    In addition to the civil lawsuit there have been formal complaints and sworn affidavits filed with the DOJ, FBI, HUD, etc. concerning the criminal activity, grant fraud, bond fraud and cover-up.


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