Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Will Obamacare Fraud Assist Travis County Democrats?!?

Project Veritas BURNS Travis County Democrats in the HD-50 runoff:


  • Using Obamacare sign-up data to assist Celia Israel in the HD-50 special election for the Texas State House.
  • Enroll America 'cross-pollinating' data with Battleground Texas.
  • BGTX Happy Hour 9/14: Chris Turango admitted that he was working with Enroll America and HD-50 at the same time.
    • "That's as partisan as it gets."
    • "We're all Obama people."
  • All grassroots oriented, all operate the same way, all Obama 2012 people.
  • Turango was working with Rico Reyes, who lost in the first round; by default, he now supports Celia Israel.
  • "Testing" the data in the HD-50 runoff.
  • "The same data" that won the election for Barack Obama in 2012.
  • "This conversation never happened."
  • How does a 501 (c) (3) get away with sharing
  • "If we can do it we're going to get the list."
  • "I will talk to one person who I think might be open to having this conversation behind closed doors."
  • "This guy has access to that he willing to play ball, I don't know.  I'm willing to have that conversation."
  • "Rule number 17, and I told you, is do whatever it fucking takes."
  • "I know him well enough to know that, if he had a few beers, this wouldn't be the strangest conversation he's ever heard."
  • "If you can show me that it works, then I'd be open to it."
  • "I like where your head's at, I just want to you be smart."

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