Saturday, November 16, 2013

How James O'Keefe #F**K**D Texas Republican "Leadership"

The indefatigable Michael Quinn Sullivan catches one we missed:
Democrats in the Texas Senate successfully codified ObamaCare into state law with the aid of the GOP, expanding the power of the Texas Department of Insurance and legitimatizing the illegitimate healthcare “navigator” profession Texans now know is being used by liberals as a political tool.
Actively opposing the legislation during the legislative session was the Texas Conservative Coalition, a caucus of conservative House and Senate members. Texans for Fiscal Responsibility negatively rated the legislation on our Fiscal Responsibility Index because we saw it for what it was: an attempt to give state cover to a very bad idea.
Republicans who supported the legislation were led to believe SB 1795 would “regulate” the navigator profession and prevent them from being political operatives. Right… Never mind that the “navigators” are an illegitimate profession obviously designed by the Obama Administration to function as political operatives!
 Joe Straus could have made James O'Keefe irrelevant, but instead he chose to appease Barack Obama and Abortion Barbie

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