Thursday, November 14, 2013

Is Lamar Smith Running Scared?!?

An interesting development in the Matt McCall/Lamar Smith race:
Lamar Smith, who is seeking re-election to U.S. Congress District 21 of Texas, was to be the guest speaker at the Kyle Buda Republican Group (KBRG) meeting last Saturday, but he cancelled suddenly a few days before the meeting. Asked why Lamar Smith had cancelled, the KBRG President responded, “He cancelled when I called to give him a heads-up that Matt McCall would be at the meeting". Smith recently cancelled another speech in Bexar County for the same reason. Lamar Smith’s re-election campaign manager has been contacting Republican groups in CD 21 to book these speaking engagements for his boss, Lamar Smith. In cancelling the speaking engagements, Smith’s campaign manager insisted that the speeches were strictly “State of the Union” speeches, which would not be delivered if Mr. McCall was allowed to attend.
 Read the whole thing here.

Update: Lamar Smith to appear on Joe Pags show at 5:30 pm today!!!  Call in at 210-737-1200

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