Monday, November 4, 2013

Election 2013: Turnout UP across Travis County

Today's Austin American-Statesman has a fascinating article on turnout for the November 2013 election.  Unfortunately, the online copy of the article is stuck behind the paywall.  We quote from a paper copy we took from Freebirds:
An increase in some early voting numbers in Central Texas might mean a bigger turnout on election day compared with other similar elections, officials said.

The 15 most-populated counties in Texas which include Travis and Williamson counties also saw an increase in early voting.

The turnout could be driven by various factors, including the race in Travis county to fill a vacant seat in State Representative District 50 and the bond elections in Williamson County [Authors note: AND the City of Austin "Housing" Bond], said county election authorities

Friday was the last day of early voting.  Travis County Clerk Dana DeBeauvoir said about 5 percent of the county's registered voters had turned in their ballots by the middle of Friday afternoon.

Travis County has 617,629 registered voters.

The county "will definitely see a 10 percent turnout and it might go as high as 12 percent," for the election, said DeBeauvior.  That estimate includes early voting as well as those who will cast their ballots Tuesday, she said.

"I think the special election in  in [HD]-50 is pulling quite a bit of voters," DeBeauvior said.

Like voters statewide, Travis County voters will help decide the fate of nine proposed amendments to the Texas Constitution.

The last time voters voted in a general election that included Texas constitutional amendments was 2011, when there was an 8.73% turnout in Travis County, DeBeauvior said.
This is good news.  The Special interest vote caps out somewhere around 5%.  Anything above that is people turning out who don't have a direct financial stake in the election.


Election Day proper is TOMORROW.  Remember, on election day proper you must vote in the assigned polling place for your precinct.  Travis County elections has a list here.


You can find our Voter Guide here.

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