Friday, November 1, 2013

Rick Perry Stands Up for Wallace Hall

Good for Perry:
Gov. Rick Perry on Wednesday called the ongoing impeachment investigation into University of Texas System Regent Wallace Hall “extraordinary political theater,” and said his appointee’s quest for voluminous records from the University of Texas at Austin was justified.


Speaking to reporters in Austin after casting an early vote in the constitutional amendment election, Perry said he fully supported Hall and his efforts to obtain records from the system’s flagship university.

“I think the idea that a regent or an appointee at any place in government is being stymied from asking questions about the operation of a particular agency is very, very bad public policy,” Perry said. “I think it is sending a horrible message to the public.”


“I just think that at the end, the public’s need to know and the public’s right to know, questions that Mr. Hall is asking, is totally and absolutely correct," Perry said. "And at the end of the day, we’ll find out whether there are things that are being hidden, things that individuals don’t want to have out in the public."
 Read the whole thing here.

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