Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Ken Paxton secures MAJOR second amendment endorsements!!!

Every one of the builders had his sword girded at his side as he built. And the one who sounded the trumpet was beside me.
Nehemiah 4:18

Cahnman's Musings has previously discussed Dan Branch's rancid Second Amendment record; turns out we weren't the only ones to notice:
n a letter to Paxton written by Tara Reilly Mica, the NRA-ILA State Liaison, she states, “On behalf of NRA’s Political Victory Fund and our members in the State of Texas, I am pleased to announce your A rating and endorsement in the Republican primary runoff election for the Office of Attorney General. Your rating and endorsement are based on your positive responses to our NRA-PVF candidate questionnaire and your strong record of support on issues of importance to gun owners and sportsmen in the Texas Legislature.”

Alice Tripp, Legislative Director of the TRSA-PAC stated in her letter of endorsement, “The Political Action Committee of the Texas State Rifle Association, the NRA state affiliate, and our 45,000 Texas members are pleased to endorse your candidacy for the office of Texas Attorney General. Your 100% voting record on Second Amendment issues in the Texas House and in the Texas Senate speaks for itself. TSRA-PAC urges all Texas gun owners to support a long time, proven friend, Ken Paxton, a candidate we can count on.”

Senator Paxton commented, “I am incredibly honored to have earned the NRA and TSRA endorsements and their recognizing my decade-long record of defending our right to keep and bear arms. As Attorney General, I will continue my proven, long-standing commitment to protecting our Second Amendment rights at every turn.”
Congrats, way to go Ken!!!

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