Monday, July 14, 2014

C.A.T.I. Ladies Disprove the Open Carry Lies

"Every one of the builders had his sword girded at his side as he built. And the one who sounded the trumpet was beside me."
Nehemiah 4:18

Downtown Austin, TX -- Last Saturday, Come and Take It - Austin held their first "Gunpowder and Lace" walk.  The event was designed to illustrate the co-ed support to bring Texas' laws in line with 45 other states.  Obviously, when a police officer is 2 - 20 minutes away, firearms help empower women.

The march began outside the Texas Capitol parking garage and continued to the South Gate of the Capitol where they paused to take pictures.

The most important part of the march came when the group passed by a separate group of women lined up for a purse sale. The second group of women was loud and supportive to a degree we found pleasantly surprising. Considering that they didn't have a dog in this fight, their positive reaction illustrates the lie that open carry events are somehow intimidating.

From there the group walked down east Sixth Street. Reactions were overwhelmingly positive. The CATI Ladies recieved dozens of supportive honks against one middle finger.

The second amendment protects everyone, regardless of chromosomes. Saturday's march re-enforces that point. Moms Demand Franzia doesn't speak for Texas Women.



More from Texas Firearms Freedom:
However, this walk was exceptional: it featured the ladies. The women of CATI took the lead and were the only armed participants. Men and boys were invited to join in the walk, but were asked to carry only flags and literature.

The Gunpowder and Lace walk highlighted the fact that firearms empower women. They are the great equalizer. Women do not carry firearms out of fear, but rather because they don’t have to be afraid.

This demographic may be unexpected to those who are accustomed to the concept that open carry activists consists solely or primarily of the “gun nut” redneck guys. Nothing could be further from the truth. Armed women are a growing demographic and a force to be reckoned with. And they don’t look like they’re going anywhere anytime soon. Woe to those who would try to mess with these women and their guns. Legislators of 2015: be ready to face the accountability of these moms who will demand your legislative action for their gun rights to be upheld.
Read the whole thing here.


More from Fox 7 Austin:
The ladies of "Come and Take It" Austin have an announcement to make: it's not just guys who support the second amendment.

"We usually do these walks and it's male and female. But today we're trying to showcase the ladies especially. To show everyone that it's not just a bunch of men who care about their rights and they care about their own protection and their safety as well," said Amanda Andeen who organized the walk downtown which they called "Gunpowder and Lace."

"A weapon is a great equalizer for a woman. You know, if a 200 pound man was trying to attack a 120 pound 'me,' if I didn't have a means of protection, you know...I'd lose," she said.


Rachel Malone says a lot of shop owners and other Austinites along their usual route know them and support them when they do walks like this.

"People who are here visiting for the first time or haven't seen us before, they'll often be surprised. We get a lot of excited responses, honks and smiles and waves. We get some kind of shocked, 'What are doing? Why are you doing this?' and we try to explain. And almost always, we get a positive response when we explain. 'Hey that's really cool,'" Malone said
Read the whole thing here.

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