Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Texas Border Crisis Press Conference

"You shall not remove your neighbor’s landmark, which the men of old have set, in your inheritance which you will inherit in the land that the Lord your God is giving you to possess."
Deuteronomy 19:14

[Author's Note: This website does NOT agree with every sentiment voiced in this conference (especially the crap about the North American Union), but more voices, not fewer.]

Texas State Capitol -- Earlier today, grassroots leaders from across Texas held a press conference at the Capitol to urge swifter action from State Officials:

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream


  • JoAnn Fleming
    • We live in "a sanctuary state"
    • Our state officials haven't taken care of business.
    • De facto commendation of state and local assets by Feds.
      • Constitution prohibits this
    • Texans already understand you can believe anything out of Washington D.C.
      • Growing sense of the same thing in Austin
    • DPS: Texas Gang Threat Assessment
    • Children are 20% of the problem
    • Call up the national guard and fund it.
  • Jim Gibson -- Texas Border Volunteers
    • Based 70 miles north of the border.
    • We've already exceeded 2013 apprehension numbers and we've still got three months to go in the fiscal year.
    • Dept of Homeland Security is stonewalling Cruz's office
  • Katrina Pierson 
    • Tea parties warned about this the past two sessions
    • Almost 50% of our budget is Federal $$$
    • This has been going on for a few years.
  • Margarita Graham
    • We've processed MS-13 members
    • TB is difficult to trace.
    • "Don't be shocked if in 2 or 3 years we have an overwhelming problem with TB."
  • The less said about the next three presenters, the better.
  • Ray Myers
    • 300,000 more on the way.
    • Trains bringing illegals to the U.S. are U.S. owned and operated.
    • This is by design.
      • Cloward/Piven strategy in action.
  • Michael Openshaw
    • The legal immigrants in his family are pissed.
    • Why hasn't the press investigated the detention centers?!?
  • Alice Linahan
    • Children are being raped and brutalized on the journey
    • Perry and Abbott: "Show us how you're different from Obama."
  • Ken Emmanuelson
    • Perry getting "poor legal advice"
    • Texas national guard reports to Perry..."put them to work."

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