Monday, August 18, 2014

How grassroots Texans are changing our statehouse

"Now the children of Benjamin gathered together behind Abner and became a unit, and took their stand on top of a hill. "
2 Samuel 2:25

Ft. Worth -- Ten days ago, JoAnn Fleming, Michael Quinn Sullivan and Jim Graham spoke about how the conservative grassroots are coming together across Texas:

  • Balkanization within the conservative movement (fiscal conservatives vs. social conservatives vs libertarians) is a tool of the establishment.
  • The origin of the coalition was the recognition of common enemies.
  • There's safety in numbers.
  • JoAnn Fleming -- Texas spends too much, borrows too much, and relies to much on the Feds.
    • 11th in the nation for dependence on Federal $$$
    • 3 big enemies: Big Business, Big Government, Big Media
    • Nothing is more frustrating that elected officials that are genuinely clueless.
    • "The longer they stay, the worse they get."
  • Jim Graham -- Every year there are 70,000 abortions in Texas
    • That's the population of Temple.
    • Alabama, Oklahoma pass 5 to 7 pro-life bills per session.
    • Took out three of the most liberal Republicans in the Texas Senate the past two sessions.
  • During the 84th: First Amendment Tuesday every week.
  • The real fight isn't R vs. D; it's establishment vs. the rest of us.
  • There's no principle of liberty on which you can defend corporate welfare.
  • The lobbyists in Austin don't want a change in #TXLEGE leadership.
  • A lot of the House members who are on the fence have district that overlap with the new Senators.

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