Tuesday, August 26, 2014

#HailSatanTX: Texas Leftists in their own words....

"Though his hatred is covered by deceit,
His wickedness will be revealed before the assembly."
Proverbs 26:26

We haven't checked in with the fine folks at the Texas "Freedom" Network in several weeks.  Apparently, they held an event in Austin earlier this month.  Their description of their own event is quite revealing:
Holly Doyle, the leader of TFN’s Texas State chapter, gave an incredibly insightful presentation on why reproductive justice matters. Doyle said the legal right to an abortion is meaningless without actual access to one. In order to bring about reproductive justice, we must address structural inequalities rooted in racism and classism, she said.

Reproductive justice is defined as all people having the social, political, and economic power to make healthy decisions for themselves and their communities. The goal is to transform power inequalities and create long-term systematic change. This means the movement will be led by those who are marginalized the most, like working-class Hispanic people from the Rio Grande Valley. The life of a single oppressed person will be transformed when her marginalized community has her back, the presentation explains. The reproductive justice movement has its origins in a black women’s caucus, which believed the current movement wasn’t inclusive enough. The movement exploded outward from there, resulting in the creation of groups like Forward Together and Sister Song.


Doyle projected a map of Texas on the wall, with little turquoise dots pinpointing the location of abortion clinics. The August 2013 map showed a smattering of dots across the state. The March 2014 map had significantly fewer clinics, and by September 2014 the clinics had disapeared everywhere except for the major cities. As everyone in the room could plainly see, HB2 was not about protecting women’s health, but ending access to abortion throughout the state.

Doyle finished her presentation with a call to arms for student activists. Unless we can get other young progressives to vote, nothing will change, she said. Although the task might have sounded daunting, Doyle expressed confidence.

I’m all about dismantling oppressive power structures,” she said, eliciting a massive cheer from the room.

[Emphasis added]
Soo...killing babies is a critical component of 'dismantling oppressive power structures'?!?

Got it!

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