Friday, August 1, 2014

Scott Turner speaks in Doug Miller's District

"When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice;
But when a wicked man rules, the people groan."
Proverbs 29:2

Fredricksburg, TX -- Last Thursday, Scott Turner spoke to Gillespie County Republicans.  The first 25 minutes of the speech were bio with which Cahnman's Musings readers are already familiar.  The second half is the most detail Turner has provided about his agenda as speaker to date:

Scott Turner Speech from AgendaWise on Vimeo.


  • It's important when people run for leadership positions that you know who they are.
  • The Cowboys are moving their headquarters to his district, but Jerry failed to draft him.
  • "I have a quarter-sized hole in my hamstring to prove that it [football] will end someday."
  • When he ran for TX House in 2011/12, people said it was impossible.
    • "40,000 miles later...we won!!!"
  • "You don't have to be in politics very long to see that something is wrong."
  • "There is a great battle that goes on in the Texas House for legislation that a high percentage of Texans want to get passed."
    • Pro-life
    • Second Amendment
    • Traditional Marriage
    • Budget/Spending Caps
    • Property Taxes
  • The people in Texas are speaking about the type of leadership they want in this state.
  • "If we allow....complacency to take charge, it can rob us."
  • The speaker position is important because the speaker sets the agenda and appoints committee chairs
    • Good legislation dies in committee
  • Margins Tax -- Business in Texas want it repealed, but House leadership buried it till the end of session.
  • Everywhere we go in Texas, people are crying out for new leadership.
  • If we don't have new leadership, we're going to keep fighting the same battles over and over again.
  • "I think competition in education...could improve how we spend the money on education."
  • Honest Transcript: Requires Universities to provide information about grade inflation on transcripts.
    • Note: Take THAT Bill Powers!!!

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