Monday, December 1, 2014

Matt Schaefer defends National Guard deployment from Team Straus

"He who sows iniquity will reap sorrow,
And the rod of his anger will fail."
Proverbs 22:8

Besides the lame-duck Lt. Gov's antics, the other sleight of hand from today's Legislative Budget Board hearing concerned the border.  While Straus is bragging about increasing the DPS presence (eventually), he's neglects to mention they're simultaneously winding down the current National Guard deployment.  Rep. Matt Schaefer wasn't having it and explained why to the speaker's face:

  • Taking guard deployment off the border just as it's coming online and having an impact.
    • Author's Note: Have you noticed how this story has receded from the headlines the past few weeks?!? 
  •  If you send 800 guardsmen home, they go back to their civilian lives.
  • What if the number of migrants spikes in the spring, post Obama executive order?!?
  • It's going to take law enforcement (ie. DPS) time to come online. 
  • Utilize the guard until law enforcement is hired and trained.

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