Friday, December 26, 2014

John Wray ignoring his constituients

"When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice;
But when a wicked man rules, the people groan."
Proverbs 29:2

It looks like the successor to the disgraced Jim Pitts is following in his predecessor's footsteps:
To the Editor,
Voters sent a clear message Nov. 4, that we want a conservative Republican agenda in our state government. Now is the time for you to pay attention to make sure your representatives are going to adhere to those conservative ways. Session doesn’t begin until Jan. 13 and many representatives are planning to throw away their conservative platform they campaigned on. Remember, you vote for representatives and not leaders to do whatever they please. It is up to you to hold them accountable.
The first vote State Representatives will make will determine the entire 84th legislative session. I am referring to the race for Speaker of the Texas House. Unfortunately, Representative, John Wray plans to cast his vote for a proven left leaning “Republican,” Joe Straus. In case you are not aware, the Speaker chooses the committee chairs. Straus has a record for choosing liberal chairs that kill conservative legislation. We’re not talking about a few pieces, but rather, it’s being described as a war on conservatives.
The precinct chairs that make up the executive committee for the Ellis County Republican Party passed a resolution calling for State Rep.- elect John Wray to vote in favor for Scott Turner (against Joe Straus) as speaker of the Texas House. You can find this resolution in the Ellis County Conservatives Facebook group or on my page, Ashley Sellers-Ellis Co. GOP Precinct Chair 102. This resolution passed overwhelmingly at 20 for 6 against and 1 abstention. You will also find information on who Straus is and his war on conservatives. If you are not on Facebook, email me at and I will forward you this information.
So the question remains. Will our new representative listen to the constituents of District 10 and the voice of the Executive Committee of the ECRP and support a proven conservative? Surely our new representative elect John Wray won’t unite with the Democrats and vote Straus for Speaker to continue the war on conservatives.
There was a recent submission to the Elephant’s Ear about supporting our elected officials. It stated, “..The citizens of Ellis County want to have a voice in Austin. If it is absolutely clear that Joe Strauss will have all the votes necessary to win, then a vote against him will only guarantee that Ellis County will have very little power and say about what happens in Texas for the next two years. We will have made our point, but what will be the point? Instead, let us put our energy toward building a powerful ground game for the next Speaker election in two years…” I would disagree. We don’t need a bully that won’t allow us to have a voice if he didn’t get his way(Speaking about Straus). Yes, we could have a more powerful ground game for the next Speaker race (while not underestimating this one), but I would add that a Republican State Representative that aligns his agenda with Democrats will need to be replaced in the following primary.
Ashley Sellers,

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