Monday, December 15, 2014

"About Last Weekend": An Open Letter to Senator Ted Cruz

"Watch, stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong."
1 Corinthians 16:13

Dear Senator Cruz,

THANK YOU!!!  In 2012, I voted for you because I hoped that I could send you to Washington D.C. and allow me to focus on events closer to home.  Senator Cruz, this last weekend proves what a spectacular decision that has been.

President Obama's amnesty and funding the government for FY '15 were simply the grounds on which an inevitable first battle was fought.  And we were always going to lose the "substance" of the first battle.  That being said, Senator Cruz, the way you fought this first battle has altered the terrain on which future battles will be fought.  You have injected truth into this debate.  That's more important.

Since Saturday, I've repeatedly thought about our first extended conversation in February 2012.  An e-mail I wrote following that encounter helped launch this website.  One thing that struck me about that conversation was how we agreed that the first step towards changing the direction of this country was to restore truth as the terms of the debate.  Thanks to you, that has finally happened.  Again, Senator Cruz, thank you.

The turning point was late Saturday night.  On that night, legacy GOP leadership did the political equivalent of poking a bear with a sharp stick.  While the substance of the bill Congress passed that night was atrocious, the bill itself wasn't the real outrage.  The most astonishing sight, from the United States' Senate on down, was watching the legacy GOP use Democrat talking points to undermine you.  To take Susan Collins as one example:
“I’m not happy with the strategy that [Cruz] has come up with,” Collins told reporters. “I think it’s counterproductive and will have the end result of causing nominees who I think are not well-qualified to be confirmed. So I don’t understand the approach that he is taking. I think it’s very unfortunate and counterproductive.”
By Sunday afternoon, of course, the notion that Obama got people confirmed because of you had been shot down.  But the fact that so many were so willing to go along with something so easy to disprove was, by itself, revealing.  That the legacy GOP was myopic enough to insult their own voters is their problem, not ours.

Texas State House Speaker Candidate Scott Turner often says that a core purpose of his run is "no more smoke and mirrors."  In both Austin and Washington D.C., legacy Republicans use kabuki theater to obfuscate their records.  In both places, the first task is to expose said kabuki theater.  Thank you for holding up your end of the bargain in Washington.  On a related note, Senator Cruz, speaking (pun intended!) of Scott Turner....

The most important takeaway from Saturday night is that, across the country (and ESPECIALLY in Texas), people who have been complaining about politics over social media are finally pissed off enough to knock on doors.  People are simply too angry with the legacy GOP for it to survive much longer.  Election 2014 gave the American people a New Hope; if the Empire chooses to Strike Back in 2015, the Jedi WILL return in 2016.

Thank you,
Adam Cahn
Austin, TX
December, 15 2014

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