Wednesday, January 14, 2015

In State Tuition supporters hold press conference

"You have set all the borders of the earth;
You have made summer and winter."
Psalm 74:17

Texas State Capitol - In one of the worst choreographed events this author has ever seen in politics, supporters of in-state tuition for illegals held a press conference this afternoon:


State Rep. Ana Hernandez (D - Houston)

  • Was personally illegal until Reagan's amnesty in 1986.
Liz Magallanes 
  • "DREAMer" from North Texas
  • "This is good policy."
  • Affirms "Young people who played by the rules."
    • Author's Note: Irony noted.
  • With Obama's amnesty we have to do this.
  • "Attacking some of the most vulnerable people in our society."
Bill Hammond (Texas Association of Business)
  • Moral imperative to educate all children.
  • Illegals deserve in-state tuition "perhaps more than other Texans."
Skyler Korgel (Some dude)
  • Confuses Dewhurst and Patrick.
  • Message to Stickland et. al: We'll lobby against the bill.
  • Celia Israel filed a bill to allow illegals to get occupational licenses
Miguel Solis (Dallas ISD)
  • In state tuition gives Hispanic children "hope."
  • "Dallas ISD stands with" illegals.
?!? Garcia
  • Sister was raped and murdered.
  • Went to college on in-state tuition.
  • "Don't take my life away again."
  • "Transformative power of Education"
  • Most of her family works for government.
Jose Luis Zelaya
  • Something, something, sob story, education.
  • Pursuing Phd. in "Urban Education" (whatever the heck that is)
  • Education = "Basic Human Right."
  • In state tuition = "Human Dignity"
  • "Everybody came here except the Native Americans."
State Rep. Ramon Romero (D - Ft. Worth)
  • Said something in Spanish.
Ft. Worth City Council guy
  • He was brought to U.S. illegally.
  • First person in his family to attend college.
  • "I too am a son of immigrants."
  • Straw man argument about "hateful rhetoric."
  • Calls opposition to in-state tuition "ungodly."
Jorge Baldor
  • Tried to redefine issue as being about "geography" instead of "politics."
  • Ending in-state tuition unfair.

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