Saturday, January 10, 2015

Patrick Outlines Priorities for the 84th #TXLEGE

"The horse is prepared for the day of battle,
But deliverance is of the Lord."
Proverbs 21:31

Dan Patrick held a highly informative press conference Thursday:


  • Clear, consistent, message during the primaries, runoff, and general.
  • Border Security still #1 issue.
  • Prerogative of members to write and pass bills.
  • Republicans will lead.
  • "The people have given us a clear mandate."
  • "The people want us to pass a conservative budget that includes significant funding for property tax and business tax cuts and we will accomplish that."
    • Limit spending to population and inflation
  • Increase DPS presence on the border AND keep National Guard down there.
  • School choice for every child in Texas.
  • Tuition deregulation has been a failure.
    • "The cost of a college education must come down."
  • It's time to end the diversions of the gas tax.
  • Continue not to fund the Travis County DA.
  • Take away authority from Travis County DA.
  • "We're not going to cut back on doing what the people want us to do, because they've heard that too much...the parents with the kid who can't afford college, or have a loan that's too big, the people who live in a house and can't afford their property taxes, the businesses that are struggling to create jobs because of the business tax...they're saying "how about us?!?"  Well, this is going to be a "how about them" session...."

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