Saturday, February 7, 2015

RPT Chairman Debate

"And let them judge the people at all times. Then it will be that every great matter they shall bring to you, but every small matter they themselves shall judge. So it will be easier for you, for they will bear the burden with you."
Exodus 18:22

Euless, TX -- This morning, the four declared candidates to succeed outgoing RPT chair Steve Munisteri held a forum in Tarrant County.  The candidates discussed a wide range of topics, from enforcing the party platform to RPT involvement in local races.  View the forum below:

[Author's Note: The forum starts at the 17:00 mark of the first video]


Mechler opening statement:

  • It's about fighting tyranny.
  • The best way to ensure success is to keep the current team in place.
Woodfill opening statement:
  • How do we continue to grow these majorities?!?
  • 62-65% victories is the goal.
  • Take economic AND social issues into non-traditional R communities.
  • Proud of platform, don't water it down.
  • 4 GOP county sweeps in 6 terms as Harris County chair.
Armstrong opening statement:
  • Push socially and fiscally conservative message in the marketplace.
  • Get churches out to vote.
  • Use marriage issue for African-American outreach.
Emmert opening statement:
  • Long-winded recitation of his Christian CV as a preamble for why the RPT should throw social conservatives under the bus.
Medical Marijuana:
  • Emmert against "but will keep an open mind."
  • Armstrong no: "Widespread use is destructive."
  • Woodfill: Completely opposed, lame straw-man argument about gateway drug and people going to work stoned.
  • Mechler has voted yes in past.
Local elections:
  • Woodfill: "ABSOLUTELY" get RPT involved in local elections.
    • Cites his work fighting Annise Parker.
    • Referendum process and attack on pastors.
  • Armstrong echoes and praises Woodfill.
  • Mechler: Local elections are non-partisan in name only.
Platform enforcement:
  • Woodfill: Chair needs to be actively involved in legislative process.
  • Mechler: RPT should be a lobby for state convention delegates.
  • Armstrong: Helped smack down Rick Perry after HPV mandate.
  • Woodfill: Unify around party platform.
    • A lot of the time, "unity" is code for telling SoCons to shut up.
Minority engagement:
  • Woodfill: Af-Am and Hispanic pastors were some of the closest allies in the fight against Annise Parker.
  • Armstrong: Social issues are vitally important.

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