Thursday, February 5, 2015

William McRaven: Against Guns and For Illegals

"While they promise them liberty, they themselves are slaves of corruption; for by whom a person is overcome, by him also he is brought into bondage."
2 Peter 2:19

The Austin Club -- Earlier this morning, William McRaven held his first public appearance as Chancellor of the University of Texas system.  McRaven consistently took positions that pleased the U.T. sycophants in the room while putting him at odds with Republican primary voters.  McRaven's remarks below:

[Author's Note: After some introductory fluff, the most interesting parts of the conversation happen between 9:36 and approx. 27:00]

  • Some weird straw-man argument about campus carry inhibiting freedom of speech.
    • Short version: People will be afraid to say controversial things in class if they thing the person sitting next to them is packing heat.
      • Author's Response: There's nothing currently stopping people from packing heat on campus, campus carry would simply allow legal gun owners to carry a weapon to defend themselves in the unlikely event some nut engaged in the behavior listed above.
    • Made another weird comment about not wanting to mix guns and alcohol at Football games while apparently unaware that alcohol isn't sold at UT home games.
  • Against repealing in-state tuition.
  • Against repealing tuition deregulation.
    • "We need to be very thoughtful about tuition."
    • Translation: I'm going to push a tuition increase the first chance I get.
  • For Tuition Revenue Bonds.
  • Wants to use UTSA, UTEP, and UTRGV to "reach into Central America."
  • Fluff about 'excellence' and 'greatness.'
  • Had no idea how many deans the UT system has making north of $150k and got visibly annoyed with this author for asking the question.
Bottom Line: If he'd been smart, McRaven would have endorsed 1 or 2 of the hot button issues to give himself breathing room on the boring (but ultimately more important) financial issues.  Instead, McRaven stiffed conservatives across the board.  While this website respects his military service, Bill McRaven is clearly a bureaucrat comfortable with the status quo.


McRaven on the Campus Carry:

McRaven on In-State tuition:


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