Tuesday, February 17, 2015

First Amendment Tuesday: Week 5

"and for me, that utterance may be given to me, that I may open my mouth boldly to make known the mystery of the gospel,"
Ephesians 6:12

Life, Liberty, and Property coalition held this fifth "First Amendment Tuesday" this morning:

Michael Quinn Sullivan (Empower Texans):

  • Abbott's transportation plan.
  • Significant Tax Relief.
  • Constitutional spending limits.
  • Whole section on the border.

  • Committees will post hearings 5 days in advance.
  • Guests in the gallery must maintain decorum.
  • Friday is the deadline to file bills if you want them to have a realistic chance of passing.
  • Don't buy stuff for state employees.
  • Began to discuss amendment process.

  • Online registration for or against bills.
  • You only get a few minutes to testify, plan in advance.

  • Faith and Family day next Tuesday.
  • CWA has a dinner Monday night.
  • Briefing in Capitol auditorium with Abbott.
  • Rally w/ Patrick.
  • Legislative Guide is almost ready.
  • HB 623 (Bell) -- Would defund rogue county clerks from issuing homosexual "marriage" licenses.
    • Current laws don't have teeth.

  • Tim Tebow bill designed for rural areas.
  • Aycock killed the bill last session.
  • Expect bills to sail through Senate.
  • Homeschool leagues frequently don't offer access to the same scholarship opportunities.
  • Parental Rights Restoration Act
    • Amends "Grandparents access statute." re: Single Parents
    • Single parents are frequently targeted when there's bad blood.
      • The goal is to make them go bankrupt fighting.
    • "Family law" groups are primary opposition.
    • Last session, parents testified on good bill; lawyers testified on bad bills.

  • Abbott endorsed Patrick's position re: DPS on border.
  • Straus refused to fund border operations past March last year.

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