Saturday, February 21, 2015

Constitutional Carry: Grassroots Texans Speak

"Every one of the builders had his sword girded at his side as he built. And the one who sounded the trumpet was beside me."
Nehemiah 4:18

Update: Breitbart Texas has more here.

Texas State Capitol -- This afternoon, representatives from every credible pro-Second Amendment organization in Texas spoke at the Capitol on Constitutional carry and the second amendment.  The speakers discussed bills in front of the currently convened legislature and worthwhile primary challenges (cough*Straus* cough) heading into the 2016 cycle.  Speakers featured below:

Melanie Davis (Love Your Vets; One Million Rounds):

  • Veterans standing beside us in this fight.
  • They need our support as much as we need freedom.
  • Recycling spend brass shell casings into Art
  • Donate shell casings.
  • Crowd sourced project.

  • "Our enemies are domestic right now."
  • "Just because I took my uniform off, I didn't take my oath off."
  • "We need to talk about politics more than football."

  • We have a lot of "Facebook rangers," not enough people putting "skin in the game."
  • We're begging for a right that 44 (licensed open) and 31 (no license) already recognize.
  • Under current law: "If I pick up my pant leg, I'd be a criminal."
  • "A thin piece of cloth is what separates you from being a law-abiding citizen and a criminal."
  •  Mom's Demand Action (but totally not in a pornographic way) Assaults: "At least one we know of."
  • "Joe Straus doesn't want to offend his Democratic [sic] supporters.
  • "Joe Straus needs to be primaried next election."
  • "We need Patriots to step up and run for office."
    • Even if you lose, you change behavior.
    • Case in point: Lamar Smith.
  • Show up face to face.

  • Running against John Otto.
  • It only takes 3% of the country to change the country.
  • Brings up people who have been illegally arrested.
  • Gun rights is the foundation of liberty.
  • "We need Texas to start leading."
  • MDA not welcome in Texas.
  • People are going to intentionally try to sabotage this bill.
  • Ask that SB 342 get a fair hearing.
  • "The primaries start in September."
  • Feds are talking about banning rifle rounds.
  • TSRA protects members, never leads
    • Didn't do squat to pass open carry.
    • Like Joe Pojman.

  • It's exhausting watching everyone every second.
  • A right does not belong to the government.
  • Constitutional carry is a vindication for every crime victim.
  • The people are not the property of the state.
  • "The progressive era of the 20th century is coming to a close."
  • Put permitted carry in the "trashcan of history."

  • Delivered 70,000 constitutional carry petitions.
  • "What can't Texas trust Texans?!?"
  • "A restraining order is just a piece of paper."
  • "No proof that openly carrying creates crime; it's been proven otherwise, to deter a crime."
  • 80-90% support unlicensed open carry.

  • "This issue doesn't have a bunch of special interest $$$ behind it."
  • They want to protect members from "bad votes."
  • "When I read the Second Amendment, I don't see any room for compromise on this issue."
  • "We are going to vote on Constitutional carry."
  • "Most legislators will give you just what you're willing to take (and nothing more)."
  • "Open Carry with a license is not enough in the Republican primary."
  • "We are going to put elected officials on the record."


  • "Here we go again...."
  • "If we truly believe in Texas independence, we will pass constitutional carry."
  • Criminals already carry.
  • Keep legislators on their toes.
  • "More guns equals less crime, go out and buy yourself a gun."

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