Thursday, September 3, 2015

Guns, Rape, and Government Insiderdom....

"Diverse weights and diverse measures,
They are both alike, an abomination to the Lord."
Proverbs 20:10

Update: It's also worth pointing out that Marc Ott is the same City Manager who held a training session earlier this year on how to handle female bosses.


Remember these comments from February?!?

And what, pray tell, is happening now?!?
Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo will remain in Austin with a 5 percent pay raise and a new separation agreement should he be fired, Acevedo and City Manager Marc Ott said Wednesday.

Acevedo said he had withdrawn from the San Antonio Police Department’s search for a new police chief. Last month, he had announced that he was one of that city’s five finalists for the job, for which San Antonio had recruited him, Acevedo said Wednesday.

Ott told the American-Statesman he offered Acevedo the retention package as an incentive for Acevedo to withdraw from the San Antonio pool.

Under the agreement, Acevedo’s pay will rise to about $216,000 and he would receive three months’ severance pay should he be fired. If Acevedo didn’t find new employment within three months, he would receive another three months in severance pay. Acevedo’s current salary is $206,086.


“We’ve got the Black Lives Matter movement here in Austin; there’s a support march coming up for a fallen police officer,” Acevedo said. “I really want to put energy into bridging the gap and doing the best we can not to fall short. With the current tone of this discussion in the country, I didn’t feel good leaving my community and my department at the height of this discussion at the local and national level.”

Ott said he and the chief have a good working relationship, which is one of the reasons he wanted to keep him in Austin.

“I think that, in many respects, he’s accomplished what many had hoped he would, in terms of bringing transparency to the department — the way they do things and why they do things the way they do,” Ott said. “I think he’s brought structured discipline and accountability that resonates with the community and the people they serve. I do think we still have work to do.”
So if you make an outrageous comment about rape in pursuit of an anti-Second Amendment agenda you get...A BIG RAISE!!!

By contrast, in 2012 a United States' Senate candidate in Missouri made a similarly asinine statement about rape, but drew a pro-Life conclusion and was subsequently drummed out of polite society.

Bottom Line: It's not a secret that government insiders reward their cronies.  Art Acevedo getting a big raise following horrific pro-rape comments is simply the latest example.  Still, shame on City Manager Marc Ott....

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