Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Texas Response: Pastors, Marriage, & Religious Freedom

"The first one to plead his cause seems right,
Until his neighbor comes and examines him."
Proverbs 18:17

Pflugerville -- Last night, Texas Values hosted an event in Pflugerville to outline the state-of-play on religious liberty in Texas following the U.S. Supreme Court's lawless marriage ruling this past summer.  It highlighted how Churches can protect themselves in the current climate and discussed the Pastor Protection law that the legislature passed last session.  It was a solid start that needs to be build upon.

Jonathan Saenz (Texas Values):

  • Several people have been fined and jailed over marriage.
  • Houston 5 were attacked by Annise Parker.
  • Dan Patrick: "No one should be compelled."
  • Scott Sanford carried this bill in House.
  • Pastor Protection law protects "religious ORGANIZATIONS."
  • ACLU retracted their support for Federal RFRA after marriage decision.
  • Pastor Protection Law covers religious hospitals.

  • "Religious liberty is broader than human sexuality."
  • Define your mission in writing in your church documents.
  • Detailed minutes of Church meetings CAN SAVE YOUR BACON in the event of a lawsuit.

  • Put out his opinion re: County Clerks within hours of SCOTUS decision.
  • People of Faith are essential to keeping American "free and prosperous."
  • Religious liberty is the first freedom for a reason.
  • When we lose our moral compass, things go bad in a hurry.
  • "Discrimination against Christians, or other people of Faith, is entirely unacceptable."

  • Our perilous times are different that First Century Christians or Christians in Syria.
  • Pray for the Christians around the world.
  • This isn't the hill the hard core leftists want to die on.

[Note: Danny Forshee is the Pastor of this Author's Church.]

  • If Christians abdicate politics, the Devil is pleased to take over.
  • When you put God in charge, He takes over.
  • Joe Gonzales tells a story about praying with his personal state rep.
  • Pastor Danny: "To disagree does not mean to discriminate."
  • Pastor Mike: Just voting isn't good enough.
    • The Church has abdicated it's position.
    • We need to participate in the process.
    • "Had the Devil known what he was doing, he wouldn't have raised the issue."
    • The Church in Texas is coming together (tells the story about preaching in inner-city Kileen)
    • Texas is going to be a haven for the gospel.

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