Saturday, September 26, 2015

Heart without Discipline... (Season 2)

Mid Second Quarter

"Give me understanding, and I shall keep Your law;
Indeed, I shall observe it with my whole heart."
Psalm 119:34

You sit down to write a blog post following a football game and you don't know what to say.  On the one hand, it would be easy to tear into the administrative politburo you justifiably hate and the coaching staff you're justifiably skeptical about.  On the other hand, in a game where your favorite football team commits sixteen penalties for 128 yards, you should lose by A LOT more than a field goal.

Longhorn Football blew a winnable game tonight...but they also came close to winning a game they DESERVED to lose by 40 points.

Sixteen Penalties for 128 yards.

In our experience, when a team is bad, it's bad.  When they commit sixteen penalties for 128 yards, the scoreboard should reflect that. do you commit those many penalties for those many yards and only lose by a field goal unless you have genuine talent on the team?!?

No...seriously...can someone please explain this?!?

The easy way out would be to find a scapegoat.  The punter, Charlie Strong, and Bill McRaven all deserve blame for tonight's debacle.  But finding a scapegoat won't change the situation on the field.

You must acknowledge some facts:

  • Longhorn Football is 7-10 (so far) under Charlie Strong.
  • Leaving the blowouts aside, we've lost four games (so far) due to self-inflicted wounds: Baylor and Oklahoma last year and Cal and Ok. State this year.
  • Absent the self-inflicted wounds in the self inflicted losses, Longhorn Football's record under Charlie Stong would be 11-6.
But then, you lookup something you wrote a year ago, and you realize it sounds identical to the post you're writing right now.

Legitimate potential combined with piss-poor execution.

Sixteen penalties for 128 yards.

This website understands that the officials have SUCKED the past two weeks.  The blown facemask call last week speaks for itself.  Then there was the personal penalty against Charlie Strong tonight.

But...still...Sixteen penalties for 128 yards.

Sixteen penalties for 128 yards.

Sixteen penalties for 128 yards.

Bottom Line: No matter how badly you want to attack the Senior Leadership of the organization, when the Football team gives up sixteen penalties for 128 yards, you can't blame anyone except the Head Coach of the Football team (Bill McRaven's suckitude continues for other reasons)....


Unfortunately, we didn't have film rolling during most of the exciting defensive plays today, but here's the one touchdown that happened on offense :

Sad Quote:"No penalty this time...right?!?"

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