Thursday, September 24, 2015

Texas Values' scorecard largely mirrors Empower Texans and Mark Jones

"So he called him and said to him, ‘What is this I hear about you? Give an account of your stewardship, for you can no longer be steward."
Luke 16:2

Texas Values released their scorecard for Faith and Family issues during the 84th Texas Legislature.  It was very similar to previously released scorecards from Empower Texans and Mark Jones.  In that sense, it reflects what we already knew.

It confirms the link between fiscal and social conservatism.  Strong social conservatives overwhelmingly tend to be strong fiscal conservatives.  By contrast, fiscal RINO's are usually social RINO's as well.

Other trends worth noting:
  • All 19 House members who voted for Scott Turner were named "Faith and Family Champions" (which required scoring 90 or higher).
  • Of the House members who voted for Straus, the following were named "Faith and Family Champions":  James White, Will Metcalf, Dennis Paul, Dan Flynn, Andrew Murr, Brooks Landgraf, Allen Fletcher, and Dwanye Bohac.
  • John Cyrier and Tom Craddick were also named "Faith and Family Champions" despite having not been present on the day of the speaker vote (Cyrier hadn't been elected yet, Craddick was out with medical issues).
  • If 29 members can earn the title "Faith and Family Champion," that means it's not difficult.
  • On that note, Jodie Laubenberg, Rick Miller, and Debbie Riddle all failed to earn the "Faith and Family Champion" designation.  This is notable because those three like to hang out at SoCon events and tout their SoCon bonafides.  If these three can't get the SoCon stuff right, they've honestly got nothing.
  • Likewise, Cecil Bell only scored a 78.
  • Otherwise, the rest of the low scoring House Republicans were the usual suspects closely aligned with leadership.
  • On the Senate side, the results were mostly predictable, though Konni Burton scored a surprisingly low 82.
  • Pro-Life Democrat Senator Eddie Lucio scored a 73; the following Republicans scored lower: Joan Huffman, Kel Seliger, Todd Hunter, Phil Stephenson, Gilbert Pena, Dan Huberty, Myra Crownover, Susan King, Gary van Deaver, John Otto, Marsha Farney, John Zerwas, Larry Gonzales, Trent Ashby, John Fruillo, Jim Murphy, Travis Clardy, Kyle Kacal, Ed Thompson, J.M. Lozano, Jimmie Don Aycock, Drew Darby, Doug Miller, Four Price, Jason Villalba, Rick Galindo, Lyle Larson, Patricia Harless, Wayne Smith, Ken King, Kenneth Sheets, Morgan Meyer, Linda Koop, John Raney, John Kuempel, Byron Cook, Jim Keffer, J.D. Sheffield.
  • While she could be included on the list above, Sarah Davis' 14 is worth noting on it's own.

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