Friday, December 4, 2015

URGENT: Houston Methodist DEATH PANEL Attempting to STARVE a Patient!!!

"Do not be overly wicked,
Nor be foolish:
Why should you die before your time?"
Ecclesiastes 7:17

[Author's Note: A good summary of the Texas Advance Directives Act is available here.]

UPDATE: Texas Right to Life details the history of the case:
Texas Right to Life Randi, A Harris County judge has granted two consecutive two-week extensions thus far, but Houston Methodist Hospital has countered these interventions by seeking an injunction to seize custodial guardianship from Chris’s mother, Evelyn, who is fighting on his behalf while Chris is intermittently sedated.
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The EVIL Texas Advance Directives Act rears it's DEPRAVED head:

Chris Dunn is an a hospital, but even a criminal on death row has more rights than he does. Houston Methodist is...
Posted by Texas Right to Life on Friday, December 4, 2015


  • "If you're ailing, or your loved one is ailing, and you're in a Texas hospital you no longer have that right [to determine if you can receive medical treatment to keep you alive]."
  • "Texas law allows for a group of hospital administrators to make the life and death decisions for a patient over the patient's wishes or those of the patient's family."
  • "A criminal in death row in Texas has more rights than a patient in a Texas hospital; the committee of the hospital to terminate the life of the patient is FINAL, UNAPPEALABLE."
  • The patient doesn't have a right to have an advocate.  The patient doesn't even have a right to speak in their own defense.  A court may not review the hospital's decision."
  • "You have due process rights; they should not be taken away."
  • "If you're sick and in a Texas hospital who should decide if you have a right to live: you or a committee of hospital administrators?!?"
  • "In Texas, the committee of hospital administrators has the sole power to make that decision about whether your quality of life is valuable enough for you to continue to receive medical treatment."
Bottom Line: First, Call AND E-mail the Hospital.  THEN, share either this blog post or Texas RTL's across ALL of your social media platforms.  Historically, once a case gets to this point, negative publicity and political heat are the ONLY things that get the hospital back down.

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