Tuesday, December 15, 2015

U.T. News Roundup

"And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart."
Galatians 6:9

[Author's Note: We can't do it justice in this post, but the latest FOOTBALL TICKET SCANDAL that broke Saturday is also a must read.]

First up, the indefatigable Mark Pulliam tears into the Texas Exes over their slander of Justice Scalia:
My post focuses on the biased reporting of Alcalde, the ostensibly neutral magazine published by UT’s alumni organization, commonly referred to as Texas Exes. By way of disclosure, I am a graduate of UT’s law school and a “Life Member” of the Texas Exes. Further disclosure: I have been a frequent critic of Texas Exes’ reporting on the ongoing Fisher v. UT litigation (among other topics), believing that Alcalde’s editorial position is tilted in favor of UT. My foil in these periodic clashes has been Alcalde’s editor, Tim Taliaferro, a 32-year-old Huffington Post veteran who also serves as Texas Exes’ Vice President of Communications & Digital Strategy. Taliaferro consistently maintains that Texas Exes “takes no position” on theFisher case or the use of race in admissions, but I regard that disclaimer as a self-serving fig leaf to conceal Alcalde’s role as a PR shill and cheerleader for UT (from which it receives considerable financial support). 
No response. I ended this lengthy exchange with a final message to Cedar (with a copy to the President of the Texas Exes Board of Directors, the Hon. Antonio Garza): “Leslie and Ambassador Garza, I must conclude that you condone this irresponsible behavior. Calling a Supreme Court Justice racist (when the L.A. Times says this position is ‘silly’) is serious business.” Still no response. 
The Texas Exes tweet was denounced by Texas Supreme Court Justice Jeff Brown, who tweeted in response: “You speak for too many Texas Exes to behave this irresponsibly. You’ve unjustly smeared a U.S. Supreme Court justice.” We expect such polemical chicanery by ideological organs such as Mother Jones (a hyperlink to which, tellingly, Taliaferro imbedded in his Alcalde story). But when supposedly nonpartisan alumni organizations become undisguised liberal propagandists, it is time for alumni and members to push back. Texas Exes indefensibly besmirched a Supreme Court jurist, and misled Texas Exes members (andAlcalde readers) in the process. The editor of Alcalde and the leadership of the organization refused numerous opportunities to correct the error, and blindly ignored all contrary evidence. Making an error is unfortunate but understandable. Stubbornly defending an error exhibits hubris and arrogance, and represents a serious lapse of journalistic ethics. Cedar’s and Taliaferro’s behavior is outrageous and inexcusable. An apology—at a minimum—is overdue.
More from Pulliam:
Surprisingly, however, ostensibly neutral publications such as Alcalde, the house organ for UT’s alumni organization, Texas Exes (of which I am a Life Member), joined the shrill chorus, condemning Justice Scalia’s comments as “racist and offensive.” My demand for a retraction and apology (so far, unsuccessful) is chronicled in The American Spectator. Conservative alumni whose alma maters (and/or alumni organizations) are being hijacked by the Left should remember that silence is assent.
Moving on to Wallace Hall's lawsuit, the hack Travis County Judge hearing the case did what hack Travis County Judges always do:
A state district judge on Tuesday threw out a lawsuit by University of Texas System Regent Wallace Hall that sought to force the system to turn over records related to an admissions scandal.

Soon after, Hall's lawyer declared that his client is appealing, meaning the case is far from over.

In a one-page order, Judge Scott Jenkins of Travis County dismissed the case with prejudice, meaning Hall is barred from filing another suit on the matter. Jenkins gave no written explanation for his ruling.

[Author's Note: Emphasis added.]
Finally, the Board of Regents will have a special called meeting on Friday; looks like they'll have a lot to discuss in the executive session:

Bottom Line: If they weren't corrupt, none of this would be happening....

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