Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Bonnen hears (at least) SEVEN special interest carve out bills....

"Dishonest scales are an abomination to the Lord,
But a just weight is His delight."
Proverbs 11:1

In a world with unlimited bandwidth, we would read every single bill that the House ways and means committee hears.  We might yet bite that bullet in future weeks, but for now the captions are sufficient.  Fresh off of assaulting a colleague on the House floor, check out some of the gems that Dennis Bonnen chose to hear in the first week his committee is (finally) hearing bills:

  • HB 105        Metcalf | et al.        
    Relating to the exclusion of Internet access service from the sales and use tax.
  • HB 423        Wray                   
    Relating to the computation of cost of goods sold for purposes of the franchise tax by taxable entities that transport ready-mixed concrete.
  • HB 518        Darby | et al.         
    Relating to the retention and use of sales tax revenue collected by certain retailers to provide job training and placement services to certain persons.
  • HB 778        Ashby                  
    Relating to a credit or refund for diesel fuel taxes paid on diesel fuel used in this state by auxiliary power units or power take-off equipment.
  • HB 1108       Parker                 
    Relating to apportionment of margin from receipts from the sale of locomotives for purposes of the franchise tax.
  • HB 1169       Button | et al.        
    Relating to an exemption from the sales tax for certain items sold by small businesses in this state during a limited period.
  • HB 1346       Button                 
    Relating to the date for prepayment of taxes on a dealer's heavy equipment inventory.

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