Wednesday, March 1, 2017

#TROXROX: #ATXCouncil considering Troxclair's Affordability Plan TOMORROW!!!

"Wealth gained by dishonesty will be diminished,
But he who gathers by labor will increase."
Proverbs 13:11

Ellen Troxclair sent out the following action alert last night:
This Thursday, I am bringing the Affordability Action Plan resolution to Council. This plan provides a roadmap to tackle rising taxes and fees, reform city budgeting practices, address our housing supply, and provide opportunities for our locally-owned, small businesses to thrive, among many other initiatives. I am grateful to have a diverse group of Council Members and community organizations already on board, but this may be a close vote.


It's no secret that we are at a critical point in our city when it comes to affordability. You gave Council a clear mandate to address the rapidly rising cost of living in Austin. In light of this, it's critical to make a pact with you and others in the community about how dedicated this Council is, and will continue to be, to addressing affordability.


If you can not make it Thursday, please email Council your support for the Affordability Action Plan by clicking here. Special thanks to Mayor Adler, Council Member Flannigan, Council Member Houston, and Council Member Kitchen for their co-sponsorship and invaluable help in this effort!

I will try to have this item addressed as close to 2 PM as possible, but items don't always come up in the planned order. If you need a time update, please call my office Thursday at 512-978-2108.
Read the whole thing here.

This is fantastic; any serious effort to address affordability needs to begin by understanding that surging housing costs and property taxes both drive the problem (and that there's no conflict between fixing both).

We will also confess a bit of amusement that among the five co-sponsors are four of the council members up in 2018....

...which begs the follow up question: Where are you, Pio Renteria and Kathie Tovo?!?  [Author's Note: That's a rhetorical question re: Tovo]

Bottom Line: We'll be there.

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