Saturday, January 27, 2018

#TXLEGE: An older quote that encapsulates the sleazy nature of the Charlie/Mindy Geren relationship

"Whoever loves wisdom makes his father rejoice,
But a companion of harlots wastes his wealth."
Proverbs 29:3

We were researching a separate project this week when we re-discovered this gem from 2015:
One of the most frequently asked questions the operatives have posed to legislators is whether it is proper for lawmakers and lobbyists to date. The question seemed a direct jab at Rep. Charlie Geren, R-Fort Worth, a top House lawmaker who has a decade-long relationship with lobbyist Mindy Ellmer.

"I find it offensive," Geren said. "Mindy and I aren't trying to hide anything. She doesn't lobby me. She never has and she won't. That's the deal we've got."
Obviously, Geren was lying (what else is new?!?), but we were struck anew by the sleaziness of the whole ordeal given what's subsequently transpired in the past three years.

And yes, this is the man overseeing the Texas house's new sexual harassment policy.

And yes, that new policy is every bit as pathetic as you might suspect.

Bottom Line: Yes, it really is this sordid and this trashy....

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