Monday, August 13, 2018

#atxcouncil: David Butts doth protest too much....

"A fool’s lips enter into contention,
And his mouth calls for blows."
Proverbs 18:6

David Butts bills himself as a local political consultant.  In reality, he's much more than that.  Which is why we found his bizarre testimony from last Thurday's discussion of the efficiency audit so interesting:

  • Calls petition "totally misleading."
  • Calls audit petition a "creature" from TPPF.
  • "Designed to set the city up to it can be attacked...."
  • Calls the legislature "the reichstag...." [Note: 37 seconds in]
    • Cheap shot at Troxclair.
  • "Launch an attack on the city...."
  • "Funded by dark money...."
    • "We'll never know who paid this money...."
  • Phony machismo over campaign.
  • "Spear aimed at the city of Austin...out to undermine this city."
  • Something about Greg Abbott.
  • Calls TPPF, AFP "front groups."
  • Exchange with Adler over alleged "redundancy."
  • Ora Houston points out that over 30,000 Austinites signed the petition: "Are we calling the people invalid."
    • "They petition is still valid."
  • Houston: "Is there something wrong with having an efficiency audit?!?"
  • Houston to Butts: "Those are a lot of assertions."
Here's the thing: One would expect Butts to oppose an efficiency audit.  But the tone and ferocity of Butts' testimony was striking.  Then there's the fact he showed up in the first place.  Clearly, an efficiency audit strikes a nerve.

Which begs a follow up question: What would an efficiency audit reveal about David Butts' business relationships and personal finances?!?

We have no specific knowledge, but it's hard not to draw that conclusion following that performance.

Bottom Line: What a bizarre, unhinged, performance....

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