Saturday, August 25, 2018

Baylor truthers can't help MIND-BLOWING, GROTESQUE, CRASSNESS (even this past week)

"Then Tamar put ashes on her head, and tore her robe of many colors that was on her, and laid her hand on her head and went away crying bitterly."
2 Samuel 13:19

All they had to do was shut up.

With Ohio State dominating the headlines, it would have been easy to keep quiet and let the spotlight move elsewhere.

But, apparently, the Baylor/Art Briles truther's can't help themselves.


First, human ringworm Mac Engel (of the Ft. Worth Star Telegram) is back:

All of you with your burn-in-the-hot place judgment of Art Briles, please stop talking


Former Baylor coach Art Briles is tentatively scheduled to head to Italy to begin working with his new football team in Florence in October, but his stay in Europe may only last a couple of months.

When the next round of college football coaching layoffs comes this fall, Briles should be No. 1 on an college AD’s speed dial.

The man has previously been approached by Purdue and Texas Tech, but both times administrators ran from the PR hit.

If Kliff Kingsbury doesn’t work out at Texas Tech, Briles in Lubbock is the ideal fit.

All of you with your self-righteous indignation and burn-in-the-hot place judgment of Briles, please stop talking.

If the Baylor situation makes you so sick, and now the Urban Meyer/Ohio State fiasco makes you so upset, stop watching the game.

Those who stop watching the game are free to complain, while the rest of us are merely drunk enablers of a system that has made all of these scenarios from Waco to Columbus, and all other Power Five points in between, not only possible, but likely.


The most important item gleaned from Ohio State’s suspension of Urban Meyer? #BeatMichigan.

The rest of you, men and women alike, don’t matter. Because the only that thing that does matter is #BeatMichigan.

Because this decision is not necessarily about degrading the seriousness of domestic abuse, rather the priority of maintaining status quo of a system that routinely knows how to #BeatMichigan.

And generate a pile of cash. And free media ad buys. And make money.

There is a woman involved here who was once a part of Buckeye Nation, but ... who cares? You say you do, but you continue to watch. Just #BeatMichigan.

As Baylor learned with its decision to fire Briles, there is no satiating the rest of you with any decision, so why even try? Just #BeatMichigan.


The business of college football morphed into a soul-selling endeavor years ago, so don’t act surprised when Urban Meyer was allowed to stay on as the leader of young men; don’t be insulted when, in due time, he will return to hero worship status in Ohio. Provided he can #BeatMichigan.
Umm, no.

Believe it or not, there are actually those of us out there who love football, but who don't like it when the game goes to psycho extremes.  Some of us even believe in asking tough questions about our favorite program.

But, of course, this is nothing new with Mac Engel.  He's been doing it for several years.  We only noticed because, earlier this month, he made a claim that our own reporting disproves.  And this is what makes Mac Engel a human ringworm.

That being said, if human ringworm Mac Engel's only solution to the excesses of college football is to stop watching, he should check in with the indispensable Olivia Messer:

Football’s Turning Point? Decline in Numbers Finally Hits Texas Amid CTE Fears and Sexual Assaults

New figures show participation numbers dropping all across the country, including in the Lone Star State. What took so long?

In the place where Friday night lights shine brightest and solidify even the tiniest of communities, the national decline in high-school football has finally hit home.
New figures out Friday show participation numbers dropping all across the country, including in Texas, according to data from the National Federation of State High School Associations.
About 1.1 million players were participating in high-school football in the U.S. in the 2009-2010 academic year, but that number has fallen 7 percent. The loss has accelerated in the past two years, according to NBC News, with participation falling in 40 states during the school year ending in spring 2018.

In Texas specifically, the total number of students playing high-school football fell 2 percent from its peak during the 2010-2011 academic year.
So, with all due respect to Mac Engel (and all the other human ringworms), be careful what you wish for.  You might get it.  In the meantime, some of us will sound the alarm.

And, yes, some of us will even ask tough questions about our own favorite program.

Because, if Football ever does lose its current position in both Texas and the U.S., human ringworms like Mac Engel will be a big reason why.


Ken Starr's wife also had this gem:
Alice Starr, a local civic leader and spouse of former Baylor University President Ken Starr, urged a Waco Independent School District trustee last month to consider Art Briles for Waco High School’s then-vacant head coach position, an email shows.

In the July 19 email to trustee Stephanie Korteweg, obtained by the Tribune-Herald under the Texas Public Information Act, Alice Starr vouched for Briles’ skill and character and asserted that the former Baylor head football coach’s firing in 2016 was not for cause. Korteweg did not respond to Starr, and Waco High School the next day announced Kwame Cavil as its head coach.

In the email, Alice Starr waded into the controversy over the Baylor sexual assault scandal that cost Briles, Ken Starr and athletics director Ian McCaw their jobs. She said Briles was dismissed because then-Baylor board Chairman Richard Willis “decided to use the football program as a scapegoat to fire my husband Ken.”

Starr's e-mail is a piece of work.  There's no contrition.  This isn't "Art Briles made some terrible mistakes but has learned from them and would like a second chance."  She doesn't accept responsibility.  She doesn't even acknowledge catastrophic mistakes happened.  Everyone's out to get her husband and Art Briles.  But what else would you expect from this crowd?!?

But the best part: If Waco ISD had hired Briles, it would have been at taxpayer expense.


Bottom Line: All they had to do was shut up and let the attention shift to Ohio State.  But they couldn't even manage that.  At least Urban Meyer had the good sense to pretend to apologize....

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