Saturday, August 18, 2018

The Ft. Worth Star Telegrams APPALLING Water Carrying for the Baylor Coaching Staff

Then he called his servant who attended him, and said, “Here! Put this woman out, away from me, and bolt the door behind her.”
2 Samuel 13:17

We first discussed how the Ft. Worth Star-Telegrams has acted like glorified press agents for Art Briles et. al. a few weeks ago, when they made a claim about Kendal "White Women" Briles that directly contradicted this author's original reporting.

They did it again this past week:

Don't forget this gem from last month:

We've linked the articles in question, and you're welcome to read them for yourself, but the TL,DR version is that they're full of the same lame, half-assed, excuses we've come to expect from the "Art Briles was framed" crowd.

To cite each individual example would quickly become tedious, but a longer search of the startlegram's Baylor coverage from the past three years quickly illustrates that they consistently spin stories to paint the coaching staff in the most positive light.

Here's the most mind-boggling part: The Star-Telegram just went though massive layoffs...yet the guy carrying water for the Baylor coaching staff continues to have a job.

Bottom Line: Mind-boggling, but also reality....

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