Friday, February 14, 2020

Does Bush's "Vandalism" Allegation REALLY add up?!?

"Even a child is known by his deeds,
Whether what he does is pure and right."
Proverbs 20:11

[Note: Open Records Requests have been sent.]

George P. Bush posted this to Twitter the other day:

We didn't give this a lot of thought on Tuesday. It seems plausible, given Austin's well documented recent upsurge in crime.  Our first impression was to keep scrolling.

Yesterday, however, we spoke with a source on an unrelated matter.  During the conversation, the source asked whether we were enjoying "George P. Bush as the new Jessie Smolett?!?"  When we were slow to pick up on the reference, this source laid out a hypothesis that Bush staged the whole thing.


At that point, we weren't particularly sold.  But the thought lingered.  Then we saw this report from KVUE:

We also saw this tweet from KVUE:

[Note: There's no way KVUE would have posted this tweet had they not tried to contact Bush through official channels first.]

Here's the thing: If Bush's story is on the level...then why wouldn't he respond to press inquiries.  As long as he's telling the truth, there's nothing but political upside.  He gets to bash the Austin city council on their single most unpopular policy.

But he says nothing.

Which begs a follow up question: What are the odds?!?

Out of all the cars...and all the residents of just "happens" to be a statewide elected official whose car gets vandalized.

Furthermore, it just "happens" to be the statewide elected official with the most transparently obvious political ambitions?!?

(Yet no witnesses.)

Maybe...but that's an awfully big coincidence.

To be clear: This is all speculative.  We don't have anything to go on besides a hunch.  That being said, we've had multiple hunches related to George P. Bush pan out in the recent past.

It just seems...convenient.

Bottom Line: The results of the smell test, at least for now, are inconclusive.

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