Wednesday, February 19, 2020

#TXLEGE: HD-47 candidate already wobbly on Constitutional Carry and Taxpayer Funded Lobbying

"Therefore by their fruits you will know them."
Matthew 7:20

We're mostly staying out of legislative primaries.  We no longer trust any of them.  That being said, candidates occasionally do something that stands out.

HD-47 candidate Justin Berry recently gave an interview to Honest Austin where his answers on a couple of RPT legislative priorities were...noteworthy.

Justin Berry on Constitutional Carry:
I think is something that we need to have deeper discussion on. I don’t care if you open carry or conceal carry — that’s a personal decision. I personally carry concealed and I like having that the advantage of surprise, but that’s everyone’s personal decision. But with regard to being able to care without a permit, I’m not opposed to that but there needs to be some screening process. As Republicans, we believe in voter ID laws, making sure that your are a U.S. citizen. Well, you have to be a U.S. citizen to be able to carry a firearm as well.

We need to make sure that people that are convicted felons don’t get to just carry a gun, because they’ve lost that right. We need to focus on a common sense approach that still protects the lawful gun owners and their right to carry a firearm, but that doesn’t make it so hard to get one.
Pretty much speaks for itself.

Justin Berry on Taxpayer Funded Lobbying:
I’m conflicted on that because I’ve seen firsthand that there are people that have information on issues that can advocate for them, for example, if a community needs a roadway system, or needs funding for a water treatment plant, then it’s not a bad thing, having the local government fighting and advocating for that to provide the services we need. The average citizen does not have the ability to be at the Capitol or at the city government every single day advocating, because they’re working or taking care of their kids.

On the other hand, you see governments that actually advocate for things that harm the community, or they focus on wants rather than needs, and they misuse our taxpayer dollars. I would look at requiring more transparency and accountability with it.
This is a sneaky sleight of hand. Nobody's attempting to curtail local governments from fighting and advocating for anything.  It's just not appropriate for them to use hired gun lobbyists.

This isn't difficult.

Berry also conspicuously uses the phrase "pragmatism."  "Pragmatism" is a common political euphemism, typically meaning going along to get along.  And spending.  Lots of spending.

Bottom Line: If this is what he's saying during the primary, imagine what he'd be like once in office.

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