Thursday, July 16, 2020

Hegar (Completely Accurately) Kicks Cornyn in Teeth

"Because of the transgression of a land, many are its princes;
But by a man of understanding and knowledge Right will be prolonged."
Proverbs 28:2

Back in January, we sat down to analyze a potential general election between MJ Hegar and John Cornyn. It turned into a lot of work, so we never finished it. With that field now set, maybe it makes sense to loop back. We'll see.

But the TL,DR version is that MJ Hegar is a **VERY** good candidate. And John Cornyn's record is completely indefensible. And that's not a good place for any three term incumbent.

In her opening salvo of the general election, Hegar illustrates why:

Ignore the first minute. It's the type of self-promoting fluff you see from any politician. For our purposes, what matters is her takedown of Cornyn in minute two.

Specifically, Hegar makes three claims:
  • Cornyn's poll numbers suck.
  • Cornyn's made several asinine comments about COVID (which she plays in all of their excruciating detail).
  • In response to Cornyn's gaffes: "That's ridiculous."
Here's the thing: All three of those claims are accurate.

[Note: See here and here.]

Furthermore, that's just the past few months.  John Cornyn has three terms worth of baggage.  If Hegar can exploit it....

Bottom Line: This race...could get interesting.

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