Thursday, May 23, 2013


In a sleazy, end-of-session, move, the Texas House is scheduled to take up HB 2836 today.

This bill would gut the elected State Board of Education and replace it with a 'select committee' much friendlier to Big Education:
If adopted, the committee substitute to HB 2836 would create an interim study of the TEKS; but out of the 14 members on the study committee, only 2 would be SBOE members who really have a grasp of curriculum standards, testing, and instructional materials. 
The rest of the 12 members of the TEKS study committee would be 4 appointed by Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst from the Senate Public Ed. Comm. (politicians) and 2 from the general public.  House Speaker Joe Straus would appoint 4 from the House Public Ed. Comm. (politicians) and 2 from the general public. 
This means that at least 8 would be politicians from the Texas Legislature, and we have already seen how vulnerable they are to being manipulated by the education bureaucracy.
The four added people from the public could easily come from the education bureaucracy.
The end result is that the 2 SBOE members could find themselves in a lonely corner while the other 12 who are tied to vendors and/or lobbyists could control the curriculum standards (TEKS) put into our public school classrooms!
 (Author's Note: TEKS are Texas' State curriculum standards.)

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